Road Transport

Continuous 24 / 7 assistance with regards to booking and deployment of cargo plying vehicles, for within and outside the city’

Offering efficient and effective road transport services to our partners and our clients through self-owned and third-party reliable means of road transport. This is performed with the help of constant monitoring system which offers real time updates to the partners and the clients regarding the current position and the expected times of pickup and delivery.

Over the years the road transport sector in Pakistan has modernized and so have we. We offer competitive rates for road haulage with respect to;

• 20′, 40′, 45′, high cube, open top and flat rack container transport to anywhere within Pakistan

• Break bulk shipments from one place to another including; coal, rice, wheat, cement, and others through half body trailers especially designed for heavy break bulk transport

• Machinery, cranes, generators and other plant and equipment through especially designed low bed trailers, semi low bed trailers, multi excel special purpose trailers and others

• Special purpose deliveries for consignments within the city, such are carried by fast and secure prefabricated trucks